Thesis: transposing consumerism

Client: OCAD

Project: Undergrad Thesis

Graphic Design | Print | Typography | Branding | Videography

This thesis focuses around the topic of consumerism in today's society. It follows a group of seven individuals over the course eight weeks, where each person is asked to hold on to their receipt during that time. The goal is to see how each individual's daily life influences the purchases they make.

After eight weeks, each participant's collection of receipts were turned back into pulp, and then recycled as new paper. The goal was to see how the amount of receipts collected influenced the weight and thickness of the recycled paper.

The data was also transformed into seven posters. Each one representing the corresponding individual. 

Colour is used to categorize specific purchases such as food/drink, which is represented by the colour blue. The end result: a visual representation of one's spending. Each person is unique. Age, gender and lifestyle are all contributing factors to the data, and this is ultimately what defines the colour and depth of each poster. In some cases there is more data, while in others there is less. One cannot assume that this data stands as an accurate representation of one's spending. However looks to provide a brief visual of what our lives might look like when money is used as data.

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